Terms and conditions Gamephotoshots.com

The goal of Gamephotoshots.com is to create a public place where gamers can collect, share and show their photos and screenshots created of their favorite moments in videogames. These terms and conditions are accepted when creating an account to use our services.

Our service

  1. Gamephotoshots.com is a website created by video game enthusiasts, employees working at Facito (a software development company).
  2. Gamephotoshots.com offers software as a service. Within this service gamers can collect and share photos and screenshots created of their favorite moments in videogames.
  3. Gamephotoshots.com contains user-generated content. Photos and screenshots can be uploaded after signing up for a free useraccount. If you want to know how we collect, use and share your data please check our privacy policy.

Rights Gamephotoshots.com

  1. Gamephotoshots.com is always allowed to change, remove or block acces to content on this website without notice.
  2. Gamephotoshots.com is allowed to block access to useraccounts without notice. Gamephotoshots.com is allowed to block access to accounts when our terms and conditions are violated or if users have provided invalid data.
  3. If circumstances give rise to this, Gamephotoshots.com is entitled to disable the software as a whole or in part and to take it offline without further notice.
  4. Uploaded photos / screenshots can be used for promotional purposes and can be shared on Gamephotoshots.com social media channels.

Other rights and statements

  1. All rights and brand names used in titles, content, trademarks, publisher names and images on this website belong to the respective owner of the respective content.
  2. Gamephotoshots.com, the sponsors and/or advertisers involved are not responsible and cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage in any form whatsoever, arising from or arising from the gamephotoshot.com software or the systems underlying Gamephotoshots.com.
  3. The software of Gamephotoshots.com is governed by Dutch law. Any disputes regarding the software on Gamephotoshots.com will be settled by a competent court in the Netherlands.
  4. If any provision of these terms and conditions is in conflict with any applicable law or regulation or if a court of competent jurisdiction finds that a provision is invalid, void or otherwise invalid, such provision shall be deemed to be restated to original provision reflects the intent of Gamephotoshots.com in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the remaining terms, conditions, terms and limitations shall remain in full force and effect.
  5. Gamephotoshots.com reserves the right to change or supplement the terms and conditions at any time.
Last changed on 8-2-2022
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