Privacy policy

In this privacy policy we explain what data is stored, why it is stored and how it is used on our website.


  1. respects your personal information and privacy. does not record any personal information with which you as a person or your place of residence can be traced.
  2. To make use of our service, a user must sign up and create an account on During the sign up process we process some personal data to verify your account.
  3. Using a valid username and e-mail adress you can sign up to All information that cannot be traced back to a natural person. The following data is needed to create an account:
    • Username
      Used to sign-in to Your username is publically displayed with each photo/screenshot shared on this website
    • E-mail addres
      Used to validate useraccounts and for password reset purposes, you may receive newsletters from us from which you can always unsubscribe, your e-mail address is stored encrypted within our database and will never be publically displayed nor will it be shared with third parties without your explicit consent
    • Password
      Used to sign-in to, stored encrypted within our database
  4. If a user no longer wants to participate he can delete his account from this website. If he/she also wants to remove his uploaded photos / screenshots he/she can email a request for removal.

Photos / screenshots

  1. With an account on you can upload photos and screenshots that will be attached to your account.
  2. Each photo / screenshot will get it's own page which is publically available and can be shared to social media and contains the following data which is publically available:
    • Photo / Screenshot
      The photo / screenshot you want to post
    • Title
      A title/name for the screenshot
    • Create date
      The date and time the image was added to
    • Username
      Your username at the time you uploaded the photo / screenshot
    • Tags
      One or more tags with the screenshot

Database and hosting

  1. This website is hosted by Facito, please consult the privacy policy of Facito for more information about how and where data on this website is stored.
Last changed on 8-2-2022
Finally, all questions, complaints and comments can be reported by sending an e-mail to mail